Sarian Bouma

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Sarian Bouma

Self-made entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker, as seen in O, the Oprah Magazine

Sarian Bouma was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa, over 60 years ago, where the life expectancy for most women is only 45 years! A soothsayer prophesied that she would be great one day, after overcoming great difficulties and many obstacles.

Born into poverty, Sarian made her way to the "promised land" of America with $1,500, only to wind up divorced, homeless and on welfare, and having to feed her baby water because she didn't have enough food stamps to buy milk.

Less than two decades later, this remarkable woman had become a self-made entrepreneur. She founded Capitol Hill Building Maintainance and grew it to a multi-million-dollar coproration. After only four years, Sarian's dream of cleaning the offices of the President of the United States came true: she was awarded the contract for the New Executive Office Building, home of the President's staff.

This mother of six, including children adopted from Sierra Leone, and wife to her best friend and long-time love, Jon Bouma, is a ball of fire. From a tender age, she charmed many with her beautiful smile, and found herself being warmly referred to as "Our Rising Star."

That smile and a deep belief in God, her family, and her dreams helped to propel Sarian from a failed marriage, a homeless shelter, and welfare into one of America's most celebrated entrepreneurs!

Awards and Recognition

  • 2021 Black Author TV Award: Best Author for Memoir/Biograph
  • National Welfare to Work Entrepreneur
  • Avon's Women of Enterprise
  • Maryland Top 100 Women
  • Pathfinder Award
  • U.S. Small Business Administration
  • The State of Maryland
  • Immigration Law Foundation
  • Associate with the Sisters of Providence
  • Dole Fellow at the Robert Dole Institute of Politics
  • Former Commissioner of African Affairs for Maryland State.

Featured in

  • O, The Oprah Magazine
  • Marie Claire Magazine
  • Black Enterprise
  • Woman's World Magazine
  • The Washington Post
  • The New York Times
  • The Baltimore Sun

Book Forewards by

  • Senator Robert Dole
  • Governor Parris Glendening (Maryland 1995-2003)

Available for speaking engagements and business consultations

Front cover of Welfare to Millionaire: Heart of a Winner Back cover of Welfare to Millionaire: Heart of a Winner

Sarian's autobiography, Welfare to Millionaire

Welfare to Millionaire: Heart of a Winner is the incredible true story of Sarian Bouma, the Sierra Leone, West African, immigrant who went from finding herself in a homeless shelter as a welfare mother to a self-made millionaire!

Sarian shares her journey, recounting her challenges and obstacles, failures and successes, disasters and triumphs. She talks about new goals and dreams with humor, warmth, and honesty.

Sarian's motto is "Never Give Up!" After reading this story, you will be fueled, charged, and ready to face whatever obstacles are in your path and to overcome them with tenacity, and to find the the satisfaction that comes from making it happen.

Welfare to Millionaire: Heart of a Winner
By Sarian Bouma
With Angela Peabody
Edited by Ronnie Estes

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